Troubleshooting Streaming Services and Video Playback

Many Casair customers enjoy using our Internet services to stream video from popular service providers such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Youtube. When issues with video playback occur, it can be difficult to figure out where the problem is exactly.

While Casair does not guarantee any third-party service or device used with our Internet service, there are some common troubleshooting steps you can take when you encounter regular issues with streaming video online.

Check your speed. Run a speed test following the instructions here. Make sure that no one is streaming while you are running the speed test, as this will interfere with the results. Most streaming services require at least 3Mbps for standard definition quality, and at least 5Mbps for HD.

Bypass your router. Directly connect¬†a device to Casair’s equipment by following these instructions and try running a speed test and streaming. If speeds improve and/or streaming improves, contact your router manufacturer for advice on improving the quality of service.

Wired is always better than Wi-fi. If at all possible, plug your streaming devices into the router with an ethernet or network cable instead of using the Wi-fi from your router for a more stable and capable connection.

Test on other Devices. Check to see if you can stream on the service on a different device with better results. Some devices, such as Smart TVs, lack processing power and therefore require more bandwidth to stream video than a computer, tablet, or dedicated streaming devices such as a Roku. If the streaming issues exist on only one device, contact that device’s support department for assistance.

Turn down your streaming quality. Most streaming services attempt to use as much bandwidth as possible, which can lead to more buffering. You can change these settings with the services – if you are not sure how, contact the streaming service.

Turn down Netflix streaming settings.

Turn down Hulu streaming settings.

Popular Service and Device Support Contacts

Casair does not provide support for particular services and devices that are used to stream videos. The providers themselves are the best place to seek help with issues regarding their particular products.

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