How to Run an Internet Speed Test

When the Internet seems to be running slow, an important first step is to find out just how much speed your connection is able to use.

To run a speed test, visit one or more of the following sites:

The speed test will give you a download and upload speed result in Mbps (megabits per second) that you can use to quantify your Internet speed.

Some important things to consider when analyzing speed test results:

  • Internet speeds will vary. Casair customers can expect to see speeds up to the speed specified in their package.
  • Internet speed tests can only measure available bandwidth. This means if someone is downloading something or using audio/video streaming while you are running the speed test, the speed test results will only show what is not being used. In this way, Internet speed and bandwidth works like water pressure. If you measure the pressure coming from your tap, it will be decreased if you run the dishwasher or washing machine at the same time.
  • Your network or device can slow down your speed test. If your initial speed test results are lower than you expect, try bypassing your router and testing while directly plugged into Casair’s equipment. Your router, your phone or tablet, or even the wifi connection itself can reduce your speed. Running the speed test on several devices, connected to the router or bypassing it, will provide valuable troubleshooting information to identify where the slowdown is occurring.



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