Self-Installation Guide


With the ATA device there will be 3 ports for you to connect everything which are labeled for you:

  • Internet (blue port): The Ethernet cable coming from your Casair PoE (Power over Ethernet) adapter will plug into this port. This feeds the Internet connection to the device.
  • Ethernet (yellow port): With this port you will plug in an Ethernet cable to this device and plug the other end into your computer or your wireless router if you have a Wi-Fi network set up in your home.
  • Phone (gray ports): This is where you will plug cord into. This is a standard port for all phones just like in traditional landline phone jacks.
It is very important that you never hit the reset button on the back of this unit. We program each ATA device individually to work with your specific phone system and phone number. Pressing the reset button will erase all of this data and the device will have to be sent back to be programmed again for a fee of time and materials.


Here is an illustration that shows the back of the device for further clarification:

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