Email FAQ

I’m getting too much SPAM in my inbox or my good mail is in my SPAM box:

In the left pane, click Utilities, then SPAM settings. Here you will find your SPAM filter level, as well as actions for the system to take when it thinks a message is SPAM. Your default filtering level is 3. Feel free to move a little in each direction depending on the problem (2 to be more aggressive with the spam, 4 to be less aggressive).

For a more aggressive SPAM filter level, you may want to add people that you commonly receive from, to your whitelist. Email addresses on the whitelist will be prevented from going to your SPAM box.


How do I reply? I keep getting pop-up blocker messages:

When you get a pop-up blocker error, there should be a bar at the top of the browser that says “Pop-up blocked. To see this pop-up or additional options, click here…” If you click on the bar, you should get options including “Always allow pop-ups from This Site.” Once you click that, you should have no more issues with pop-ups.


My pictures and images are not showing up in messages:

While the message is open, click “Display Images in message” or “Always display images from this user”. To enable all images, click on Preferences, then Account Preferences, then use the pulldown next to “Block images in email messages” and select “Display for any message.” Please note that this is less secure than the default.


I find the webmail overly complex. What are my options?

We have multiple webmail interfaces. You can select what interface you want to use at the login screen. It will normally default to “Advanced”. “Basic” is a more straight forward interface.


What are the recommended settings for my email client?

If your domain isn’t, replace as necessary.


Incoming Settings:


  • Incoming mail server: or
  • Incoming mail server username: (replace with your email address)



Outgoing Settings:


  • Outgoing mail server:
  • Outgoing authentication/login: SMTP authentication enabled.
  • Outgoing mail server username: (replace with your email address)



I’m having issues sending emails through a server other than Casair Mail. What can I do?

All outgoing email traffic (port 25) is blocked on customer connections, other than to our mail service. We do this to help combat virus infected systems from sending spam. Many email providers allow connections on port 465 using SSL and possibly port 587 (SSL as well as standard). If your email provider does not, you can use our server as your outgoing mail server. Simply change the “Outgoing Server” in your email client to “”.


I’m having issues sending emails from my Casair account using an Internet Service Provider other than Casair:

Most ISPs block connections to mail servers other than their own. You can get around this block by setting your email client to connect using SSL on port 465 to for outgoing mail. Another option is to use your internet service provider’s outgoing mail server.

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